Thursday, April 1, 2010


I know it's hard to believe but I don't have anything exciting/ funny/ interesting to talk about this week.  So, here's a quickie.

I made these macaroons last night.  Dipped them in chocolate.  The dipping didn't go so well but the good news is that they taste good.  Taking them to Erie this weekend along with most of our earthly posessions for our 48 hour trip.

Cannon picked up dog poop today (threw up in my mouth a little).  I was sitting outside with him and chatting with a friend on the phone.  He picked it up and took off running.  Fabulous.  Caught him.  Made him drop it.  Immediately washed hands.  Gross.  Sure it's only the beginning.

My headcold has relocated to my throat and I have lost my voice.  Thank goodness for the written word, if only I had something to say.

Anxiously awaiting news of a new baby today!  Come on Isla Grace!

The Best part?  New life is on it's way!

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