Friday, April 30, 2010

Mild Panic

Had our first OB appointment today.  Blood pressure was perfect, all the tests were perfect.  Until Meredith (yep, doc and I on first name basis, will explain in a post about Cannon's birth) tried to find the baby's heartbeat.  For 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 3.

There goes my 110/80 blood pressure. 

Ultrasound tech squeezed us in and found the baby's heart beat.  Whew.  Whenever a doctor tells you not to panic, I dare you to tell me you don't run through every possible scenario in your mind in a matter of seconds.

Baby's heartbeat was 147.  According to whoever spread the word... a slower heartbeat means it's a boy, faster means it's a girl.  Well, here's the thing.  Cannon's heartbeat was never slower than 160.  So, bring on predictions.  I say it's a girl because she's already giving me heart attacks. :)

Not that anyone cares about this but me, but I lost a couple pounds (silent cheering from me). 

The Best part?  The mover and shaker inside me is doing just great.


Jill said...

Those moments when the heartbeat can't be found might as well stop the Mommy's heart as well. Glad s/he cooperated for the ultrasound tech.

And I'll give you a huge round of applause for dropping lbs during pregnancy. I'm sure it's because you're walking dozens of miles a week, but even still, in my experience, any ob visit where the scale doesn't tick UP a pound or two is a minor miracle!

Corey said...

Thanks Jill! I know it's cause I'm walking so much... which has motivated me to do another half in early september... to keep it going... because I'm certainly NOT dieting... :)