Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For the record...

I just want to be on record as saying that two years ago on Christmas Eve, Dan and I saw Lady Antebellum on the TODAY Show.  It was then we bought their cd and noted how amazing they are.  They were so humble and tickled to be performing on the TODAY Show.  It was really endearing.

As they pop up all over the place (American Idol tonight) I just feel that since I'm never on the cutting edge of anything, I should make this one known.  It was either this or a facebook status.

The Best part?  If you haven't heard them, check them out.  You heard it here first. :)


Hillie Gaither said...

I heard of them from my MOTHER two years ago. I was skeptical at first since she hasn't picked up on anything trendy since Ricky Nelson (and let's face it...he's no Elvis). Love. Them.

Aly said...

lol- I feel the same way about the things I "discover". :) Love Lady Antebellum!