Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog Neglect

I realize I've been neglectful.  It happens.  Little things happen every day that I consider blog worthy but I usually just don't get around to it.  So if I've disappointed my millions of faithful readers, I apoligize.  Here are a few musings from day to day.

The other day, I walked into daycare and on my way out the director pulled me aside and said "Corey, your shirt's on inside out."  Super.  Why wouldn't it be?  Who does that?

We are enjoying some R & R at my parents lake house this week.  The first journey in the minivan went swimmingly.  Summer vacation should be a breeze.  Walked 7 miles with my Dad and Cannon this morning.  Am still standing up right.  That's a victory.  And that's more than half of the 'race' (I prefer the phrase '13.1 mile walk I am going to try and finish' to 'race') Aly and I are tackling in a month.  Holy crap it's a month away.

Still pregnant.  Plan on being so for at least another 25 weeks or so (yes, I'd like the baby to come early, who wouldn't?!?!).  I think it's a girl.  Everyone thinks it's a girl.  Everyone also thought Cannon was a girl.  Cannon, the one who grunts, announces when he 'toots', drives cars all over creation, and just spent half an hour throwing rocks in the lake.  He is 100% boy. 

Had a dream last night that it's a boy. 

Names?  We are no where on names.  We have a running list (Ashby has been removed per the request of my mom--and by request I mean she flipped when I mentioned it).  We'll do what we did with Cannon and towards the end try out names for a week.  So, instead of calling the baby 'the baby' we'll call him/her a name on the list and see how it feels.  This will probably confuse Cannon.  We won't name  him/ her until they are born.  This goes against everything I believe when it comes to planning.  But I want to see the baby before we name him/her.  You can rest assured they will not have a 'common' name.  Not our style.  Plus, who names their first child Cannon and their second child John?  Not us.

I've got nothing else.  Life is good.  Can't ask for more.

The Best part?  Lake view.  Feet up.  Fresh air.  Ahhh.

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Aly said...

Yay for finishing 7 miles! I didn't realize until reading this blog post that our half-marathon is a month away. eek.

I can't wait to meet the baby, boy or girl. If it is a boy, just remember the name Gus is free for the taking.