Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Short and the Drama of it

I will spare the gory details.  I won't complain about all the time we'll never get back that we've spent at car dealers.

Here's the Clif's Notes catch up on the car buying situation.  Went to another dealer (to see the guy hip to the bargaining jive) and he matched the deal from the other dealer and found a buyer for our Pathfinder.  We walked over 1K$ and figured we'd call him and make the deal.  For the hell of it, called the other dealer (the one we test drove the Odyssey from last weekend) and they beat their other deal to beat the other dealer. 

 And, miraculously they found a buyer for the Pathfinder.  Yep, the same Pathfinder they wouldn't look at last weekend (I did vacuum out the goldfish...).  It's a Christmas miracle.  So we thought we were set.  The color we want wasn't on the lot, of course.  So, they promised us one on the truck that's coming in the next week.  Super.  Done and done.  This brings us to today. 

Oh, no you didn't.

Dan went to write a check and fill out paperwork this afternoon.  That's right, WRITE A CHECK (read: pay money for a car).  Ron (the guy we've been dealing with) was off today and the guy working in his stead told Dan the deal was only for an Odyssey on the lot.  Ugly green Odyssey on the lot.  No thank you.  He got home frustrated and angry and I exploded.  What follows is an email I sent to the dealership's general sales manager and entire internet team.

If someone who worked for me treated you the way my husband was treated at your dealership today, I would want to know. If ever a 'bait and switch' was pulled at your dealership, this was it.

Here's some background for you. I test drove an Odyssey last weekend and really liked it. After negotiating and visiting a few other dealerships my husband spoke with Ron on your Internet team yesterday afternoon. Ron found a buyer for our Pathfinder and we negotiated a price for the Odyssey. Ron told my husband that because you didn't have a Bali Blue Odyssey on your lot that he would mark the one coming in at the beginning of the month sold and we would by that one. Sounded perfect.

My husband (Dan Best) went in today to speak with one of Ron's colleagues on the Internet team and finalize the deal. Let me be very clear. We had every intention of writing you a check TODAY for the Odyssey. Upon speaking with either Bud or Dave, my husband was told that the deal was only for one of the Odysseys on your lot. This was not what Dan and Ron had discussed yesterday.

We are extremely disappointed and to be quite honest, believe we were lied to. This process should not be a headache. What part of our experience at your dealership says that you want our business? To say that the quality of customer service at your dealership is poor is an understatement.

I'll look forward to hearing from you with your plans to right this wrong.
Phone call, less than an hour later.  It's Ron.  Oh Ron.  It's a good thing the first thing he did was apoligize because I was close to going apoplectic on him.  Ron made an executive decision when he was talking to Dan yesterday.  Ron is not an executive.  Ron is in trouble because executives got my email (which I may or may not have included my work email address on as well).  Ron is honoring the deal and we'll have the color we want within the week. 
I will drive this minivan into the ground to avoid having to do this again.  Ok, we all know that's not true.  But I have decided that car dealers are without question the slimiest, conniving, lying, awful group of 'professionals' out there.  They are all exactly the same.  The reason they wouldn't honor the deal when Dan was in there today is clearly because they wanted to force him into buying the one on the lot.  Sorry suckers,  you messed with the wrong group.  Pushovers we are not.
I'm done.  I promise.  We are getting a brand new minivan.  Who would have ever thought I'd be excited about a new minivan? 
The Best part?  Righting a wrong.  AND even though it's a minivan, it'll still have that new car smell!!!


CaSandra said...

WHOO HOO! At least in the end... you get the color you want!

Wish I lived closer so I could visit and take a big wiff of that "new car" smell :)

Megan said...

Can't wait to pile in and spill goldfish everywhere!!! YAY! :)

BJ Mcconnell said...

You want to be sure to start a contest for who can jam the most chicken nuggets into the rear ashtrays or whatever they have for bins now... Good job!

Unknown said...

Good for you Corey!

It was a headache buying our van too. Why do they have to make it so difficult? I remember being frustrated when I drove it home, thinking "finally!" instead of being elated. Fortunately the frustration melts away when you realize you are driving a NEW CAR! I'm excited for you.

And even though it's a *ahem* minivan... you will love it! I only ever realize I'm driving a van when I'm outside of it. On the inside it's very much my sweet, sometimes new smelling, Honda.