Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Your Mom's Minivan

I remember well when my mom bought her first (and only) minivan.  It was a 1990 Chevy Lumina and looked like a dustbuster.  See below.  Hers was this color too. 

Thankfully, times have changed.

We spent the weekend driving the new 2011 Toyota Sienna.  As I explained before it's a good thing I never said 'never'.  The Sienna is amazing.  I have always said that if I'm going to drive a minivan it's got to be cool on the inside to make up for coolness points lost on the outside.  Touchscreen navigation, widescreen dvd player, amazing technology, phenomenal handling.  It's basically a luxury car on the inside and a minivan on the outside.  It has no keys it locks when you touch the handle.  Power doors, backup camera.  If it's possible to fall for a minivan, I have fallen.

Despite their best efforts we didn't buy it today.  Until the dealership decides it's worth eating the rest of our lease payments, we will sit tight.  We'll even test drive some others, just to make sure.  But, I'm ready.  It makes drives to St. Louis, Erie and anywhere else seem SO easy.  I'm sold.

The Best part?  Walking away from a dealership, making them wait.


CaSandra said...

I say stick to your guns and make them wait... and get the red one!

Nothing wrong with a little "sas" if you're driving a minivan (which for the record, doesn't even look like a minivan anymore)

Body By Ross.... Making Men Memorable and Women Unforgettable said...


sarah said...

so tell me...will this van sit all my infant seats and be able to NOT have to strap Hagen to the luggage rack? Loves it....good job Best family.

BJ Mcconnell said...

Hey, you dissed my minivan pretty hard there in the opening volley... how else would your father have been able to connect a real tv to our camcorder (the size of a microwave) without all that room? Anything for our adorable children... Besides, you could REALLY see my van in carpool lines.

Unknown said...

Be very cautious. That old blue dust buster still looks pretty darn good (especially in the mountains - see photo above). I would see what you could find on line in a used/vintage (1990 was a solid year) Lumina before you jump into a car that really doesn't have much tradition and probably comes without any petrified chicken nuggets or fries.