Friday, March 26, 2010

NOT Your Babysitter

So, I don't know where spring went but we woke up this morning to ice on the back deck and temps in the 30's.  Two days ago we had the windows and doors open. 

I'm fighting a headcold and slept terribly last night so I took Cannon to my last resort play place this morning.  Yep, the mall.  They have this kids play area with a couple slides and these cushy, germy, probably dirty things to play on.  Here's the thing.  When I take Cannon I follow him around, I help him climb on things, I tell him to wait for the kids to get off the slide before he goes down and I make sure he climbs up the stairs and not the slide. 

I am the minority.  Parents read books.  They talk on their cell phones.  They do everything but watch their kids.  Their much older kids who jump from the frog to the slide and who run up the slide while my toddler is trying to muster the courage to go down all by himself.

The mall playground is not your babysitter.  No playground is for that matter.  If you want to not have to watch your kids, hire a sitter.  Because the next time your four year old knocks down my 18 month old, you'll hear about it.

The Best part?  Spring is coming back tomorrow.  :)

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