Friday, March 5, 2010

Come out come out... wherever you are...

My mom used to say 'I've lost my natural charm' (a lot).  I have lost my natural charm. 

I just dragged the dog in the house from the furthest corner of the back yard where he was digging in the flower bed for who knows what.  Why not just let him continue to be a dog?  Well.  1) fear of what he will pull out of there. 2) my carpet.  3) just the simple fact that he wasn't coming in when I called him.  Oh natural charm?  Where are you...?

We are dogsitting a puppy.  I am not coping well.  So much so that we're passing the duties off to the owner's cousin.  Something about cleaning another dog's pee and poop off your carpet for three days will ruin your attitude and strip you of your charm.  Natural charm?  Please come back.

Mexican tonight with the girls.  Just what I needed.  Maybe I'll find the charm in the bottom of a margarita glass, or a basket of chips. 

OR maybe I'll find it test driving a 2011 Sienna for the weekend.  Doubtful.

The Best part?  I've got my wit back :)

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