Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What do I Have to do to Get You in This Bed, Today?

In May Dan and I will be married five years.  Is there a more romantic anniversary gift than a king sized mattress?  I think not.  We're too big for our queen.  Or we're restless sleepers (read: we are restless sleepers).  Or maybe I'm hoping the snoring will be quieter if he's farther away.  Anyway.

I digress.

Now am I not only fielding daily phone calls from car dealers (thanks to getting quotes from every dealer in a 50 mile radius) (headed to the guy who knows a guy who is hip to the bargaining jive on Saturday) but I'm getting to know our local mattress salesmen.  They're the same only the mattress guys make less commission.  They'll throw in the frame (equivalent of window shades in the minivan) and the delivery (side panels on the mv) and they'll go to their backroom to check with the 'banker' to see if they can make a sale.  They even suggested that they would take 5% off the price if we picked it up and took it home ourselves.  Yes, to my face they said that.  To. my. face.  Without laughing.  I laughed.

Here's the deal.  I can drop the cash for a mattress much faster than for the car.  So, tomorrow I will go lay on one more test mattress that Dan liked and we'll buy one.  In two weeks we'll have a new sleep haven.  Here's hoping we'll have a new minivan too.  Oh, and we get to test drive the new mattress for 60 days.  Got to test drive a car before you buy it right? 

The Best part?  We don't have to do any of this again for years.  I hope.


CaSandra said...

You crack me up! And until you've priced out a quality matress set, you don't realize just how nice of a gift it will be!

** We were shocked at how expensive they can be... but I knew I wasn't going to buy a cheap one from a discount store.**

Any new leads on the new KING SIZE BED, or will worry about a headboard/footboard later?

Aly said...

I love this! Andy & I were just talking about getting a king for either my birthday or our anniversary in the fall.

As for the test drive... does that mean there are mattresses on the sales floor that people have slept on for 60 days?? Love, love, love you and Dano... but ewww.

Corey said...

good point al... a question I will ask when I go back and hang with the greese balls for a bit longer today :)