Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is there a worse profession?

So, we drove the Odyssey this weekend.  It's nice.  Sportier than the Sienna but has most of the toys and is considerably less than the Sienna. 

So, I go back today (sans Dan, which may have sadly been the problem).  I'm talking to this young guy on the internet team (internet prices are SO much better than sticker!) and I told him that I'd like him to come down about 2K.  He says and I quote 'it's probably not worth talking anymore, we're wasting time'.  Really? 

Have you ever seen the SNL Weekend Update skit, "Really?!?!?".  Here goes...

Really Honda sales guy?  Really?  I come to you with a number 2K less than you gave me and you roll your eyes?  Really?  Is that how they taught you to bargain at Devry?  Really?  Did it not cross your mind that maybe we could meet in the middle?  Really?  Is it really 10 days from the end of the month and you're sitting on nearly a dozen Odysseys?  Really?  I was going to buy one today, really.  Really?  You're going to show me the 'numbers' and show me that you will make close to 5K on the sale of this car and you won't come down at all?  Really?  When you call me in a week when the end of the month comes, I won't answer and will take my business elsewhere.  Really.

Thanks for the test drive.

Who wants to sell a car?  Bring it.

The Best part?  Got a friend who knows a guy who knows a guy who is hip to the bargaining jive.  Really.

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the4benhams said...

hi-larious :) hank will hook you up! (i hope!)