Monday, March 29, 2010

Elmo Obsessed

On Saturday while we were up north visiting a car dealer we stopped at a local gem.  It's called Jungle Jim's and is an amazing grocery store.  Words can't explain it.  Any food item you could ever possibly need, they sell.  We were picking up a few bottles of wine from their amazing selection and this nice guy walked up and asked if we needed help.  I asked him to get us a box (cause we never buy less than a case). 

So this guy.  He's got light red hair and freckles.  And an Australian accent.  He looks something similar to a guy I dated in high school who also mowed my parents lawn and my mom compared to Eddie Haskell.

He starts talking to Cannon and Cannon looks him right in the eye, points at him, and says 'Elmo!'  And again. 

Is it possible that he loves Elmo so much that someone with red hair reminds him of his furry friend?

The Best part?  Sesame Street Live is coming to town soon!

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mcconkei said...

New theme section at Busch gardens Totally dedicated to Sesame time your here...:-)