Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Name Game

For obvious reasons, it's rare that we encounter another little boy named Cannon.  In fact I can count the number of times on one hand. 


One time we were in Vero Beach and there was a Kanon (pronounced the same way) at the other table.  His middle name was "Ridge" which is a name Dan still likes.  I do not hug trees, therefore we will not ever name a child "Ridge". 

The other time was today at the Children's Musuem.  He was older than our Cannon and his mom (possibly Grandma) said to me, vis a vis, the following (Friends reference).  "It's not very often that we meet another Cannon!  Do you call yours 'Cannon ball' all the time like we do?".  Trying not to laugh, roll my eyes, or be rude, I respond "Nope, we don't."  And scene.

We know that Cannon is not a common name.  It's one of the reasons we chose it.  It's hard to find in baby books, won't show up on any 'Top 10 baby names of the year' list and it's unique.  And it fits our little boy perfectly.  I remember my parents saying "don't you think they'll call him a loose Cannon?" and "Everyone will think of that TV show" (These comments from people who named a GIRL Corey in the early 80's).  Unless he grows up to be a crazy tempered loon, I think we'll be fine.  Oh, and that TV series called Cannon, went off the air in 1976.  Pretty sure none of his peers will make refernce to it.  Now, I know they love his name cause they love him. 

We still get mixed reactions from people which is absolutely fine with me.  Some love it, some hate it.  The beauty of it is, we don't care.  He's not a Carter or a Cole (two other names we liked) or a John or even a Dan.  We're not big on traditional names and won't ever be (plus, you can't name one of your kids Cannon and the other Joe, it just won't work).  He is Cannon Rhys. 

So, what's in a name?  When you search for Cannon on baby name lists it's an 'official of the church, no reference to firearms'.  And Rhys is Welch and means 'enthusiasm, passion'.  I can think of no better middle name for him.  We obviously didn't pick Cannon cause of the religious undertones, seeing as we haven't been to church since Christmas eve 2008 (religion is a whole other post about how I pray and I believe but don't think I have to go anywhere to do that).  We picked both names because we love them both and when we saw him (yes we waited until he was born) it was obvious that he was Cannon Rhys. 

The Best part?  Rest assured we will never call him Cannon Ball.


mcconkei said...

This is great. I can't stop chuckling

BJ Mcconnell said...

Your DAD picked your name... just met another Corey--nice black staffer at Sen. McCaskill's office.. he knew one other girl with the name, spelled the same..

He is hardly LOOSE and is much loved.. Mom

Hillie Gaither said...

So I empathize with this. I remember once (and only once) YELLING at my mother for my name. I was 12- I yelled at her for everything. And at the time I happened to be a prematurely developed (and self-conscious) girl named Hillie...

But what else could I possibly be if I weren't Hillie, or Gage, or Gageby Hill? Katie? Nope.

My Godmother actually pleaded with my mother to find another name. Mother said "It's a name to live up to"...and I've been working on it ever since. I'm sure Cannon will do the same with energy and passion:)

And yes it's early in the morning. Judge me.