Thursday, February 11, 2010

I mean 'shoot'!

Banana.  Mama.  Da-DEE.  Elmo.  Shoe.  Boot.  Hat.  Hot.  Doggie.  Bubbles. Doobie.  Nose.  Eye.  Mwah.  Pancake.  Ernie.  Ball.  Basketball.  Bye bye.  Hi!  Water.  Fishy.  Truck.  Vroom!  Plane.  Amy (his teacher).  Show.  Snow.  TeeVee.  Cheese.  Sweep.  Cookie.  Table.  Brocoli.  Tuck. Yucky.  Pretty.  Play.  Book.  Back.  Whoa!  Yay!  Row row.  Hot dog.  Bite.  Hug.  Yummy.  Toe.  Blue.  White.  Ross.  Red.  Down.  Jump.  Night night.  Ride.  Side.  Pig.  No.  Blanket.  Animal.

Some of those require parental translation but lately Cannon is a chatterbox.  He doesn't cry when he wakes up from naps, he just talks.  Sometimes it's like he can't control himself and he goes through every single word he knows in a matter of seconds. 

He repeats EVERYTHING we say.  Yep, everything.  This story will suprise no one who knows me.  I spilled the dog's water yesterday.  A quick, emphatic 'shit' escaped from my lips.  And not 2 seconds later the same emphatic word came out of the mouth of my 17 month old.  Neat.

It is so fun to look at him and see his little brain going a million miles a minute.  Love it.

The Best part?  Fortunately for me, he can't quite make the 'eff' sound just yet.  Then we'll be in big trouble.

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