Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dude, Layoff

I don't read Vanity Fair.  And, it's a rare occasion that I include a 'newsy' story on the blog but this time, I feel compelled.  An opinion (I'm not knocking this guy's right to express his opinion, I am merely expressing mine) article a columnist named A. A. Gill (wonder if he's related to A. A. Milne.. tut tut... looks like rain) writes about the Creation Museum.

If you've never heard of it, the Creation Museum is randomly located like 10 minutes from our house and is a literal walk through the book of Genesis.  It would make Charles Darwin roll over in his grave.  It's complete with animatronics that rival those of Disney World and depicts people living with dinosaurs.  Fine.  Whatever.  Everyone believes something different.  These people are making a fortune off of home schoolers and Bible beaters who can finally say to their kids 'see, we told you this is what happened'.  I've been.  Three times.  Twice for work, once for entertainment purposes.  My real frustration with the place is the demonetization of anyone who doesn't believe the literal translation of Genesis.  AIDS, famine, Nazi Germany all happened because people don't believe, according to the Creation Museum.  Anyway.

A. A. Gill didn't like the Creation Museum.  I don't care.  I don't like it either.  What bothers me about the article is the opening line: "It’s not in the nature of stoic Cincinnatians to boast, which is fortunate, really, for they have meager pickings to boast about."  Suddenly I'm territorial. 

Greater (I say 'Greater' cause we live in the burbs, in Kentucky...) Cincinnati is our home.  We work here and have lived here going on five years now.  When you travel from small town to small town for years, putting roots down in a metropolitan area and staying there and buying a house there and having a baby there, makes this home.  So layoff A. A..

Cincinnati is a hidden gem, I think.  Two professional sports teams, a fabulous aquarium and zoo, several museums (The Museum Center, Underground Railroad Freedom center, even The Creation Museum, Art Museum, the list goes on), some really fabulous restaurants, 52 neighborhoods each with it's own identity, growth in every direction, major corporations hq'd here, I could go on.  There are a lot of cities with a lot less to 'boast' about Mr. Gill. 

He's not the first one to knock the Nati.  Mark Twain famously said "When the world ends I want to be in Cincinnati because everything happens there 10 years later.".  We survived that tongue lashing, we'll survive this one.

I will just suggest to Mr. Gill that rather than judging us based on a Bible lovers paradise, take some time to see what the Queen City really offers.  If you eat a steak at Jeff Ruby's, take in a show at the Aranoff, see the shark rays at the aquarium, check out the latest exhibit at the Museum Center and have a few drinks in Mount Adams, and still don't like it, fine.  You win. 

The Best part?  Anyone who goes by 'A. A.' is probably named Arnold or Agamemnon.


Hillie Gaither said...

I am inclined (obviously due to timing) to think about my sister's situation. I can not think of a town that has the nations #1 (thats 1, not 10) High Risk OBGYN, NICU, and Maternity support in the nation. The best Med students fight for the opportunity to work in Cincinnati. And while under the magnificent care at Good Sam, my sister has neighbors, family, friends, and relative strangers praying for her. People genuinely concerned for her well-being. And they could say outloud "thinking, loving, praying for you" wihout fear of offending someones religious beliefs or modern hipness.

Cincinnati BOASTS modern technology with the kindest neighbors around. And for someone who just spent 40 days visiting someone in the hospital, I can say that Clifton alone has a TON of wonderful restaurants:) I would suggest that Cincinnatians don't boast because we don't want New Yorkers to live here.

Unknown said...

Love the ending to that. You are probably right!

Unknown said...

And that's not Joel, it's me! (Michelle)