Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Wrap

We indulged.  We laughed.  We celebrated.  It was a great weekend with my parents.  They have so  much fun playing with Cannon and he loves them SO much.  He's still asking for them even though they're gone. 

It's hard when they leave.  But living closer to home isn't an option for us right now and actually we're pretty lucky that we're only about 6 hours from them.  But nothing will make you cry like your son reaching for his "Doobie" because he doesn't want him to leave.  We made some great memories and even went to the aquarium with 10,000 of Cincinnati's finest.  Fish AND people watching, two for one! 

What's that?  Presents?  Oh yeah.  Well my fancy camera is my birthday present from Dan.  So now maybe I'll take a class or a few lessons to get better.  My mom and dad got me some great earrings and some new stuff for the house and cash for 'sussies'.  I would be remiss if  Ididn't mention the posters I woke up to Friday morning made by my wonderful husband. 

And of course there was cake! 3 kinds actually.  And Ted Drewes (a St. Louis delicacy that you would be a fool to miss if you're ever in St. Louis).  And yes, I made a wish and yes I managed to blow out ALL the candles at once.

The Best part?  We are blessed with wonderful family we can laugh, cry, shop, eat, and play with.  So lucky.  So very lucky.


CaSandra said...

You're right... you ARE blessed!

Glad to hear that your Birthday weekend was so special!

BJ Mcconnell said...

IT was totally super... even the "power decorating" hour... we are all blessed! MOM