Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vacay Recap

Our bags aren't unpacked and who knows how long I'll keep my summer clothes out.  Most likely until the summer.  I am going through vacation withdrawl.  There's so much to tell but I will let some pictures do the talking. 

We had our toes in the sand for seven days.  We laughed until we cried and played hard.  We indulged.  We watched the sunset every day.  We relaxed.  For me this was wonderful but for Dan, it was even better.  He desperately needed this break from work.  He did not touch his Blackberry for the whole week.  That is truly a vacation.  Now if we could just figure out how to live on Captiva, we'd be set.

This quiet little drinking village with a fishing problem is just wonderful.  It is quaint, and cozy, and classy, and quiet, and just absolutely perfect. 

My parents got to bond with Cannon which was truly wonderful.  He says "Bubble" for my mom's grandmother name of "Bubbles" and "Dah-Bee" for my dad's grandfather name of Doobie.  He also hung out with Uncle Ross who he calls "Raahhh".  It was  a blast. 

There is something very special about getting to watch your parents play with your kids.  Can't really explain it but feel so blessed we had a whole 7 days together. 

As always, we are luckier than we deserve to be.  I think one of the island stores says it best, YOLO.  You Only Live Once.

The Best part?  We made wonderful memories.

And... how about that new camera and my new skills? :)

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Anne and Mike Field said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the camera (well, the pics at least, I'm assuming the camera has at least something to do with it!). What kind did you get? We're thinking about investing in a new one - need a faster shutter speed now that little miss is super curious about everything.

My faves:
You and Cannon in the pool
Cannon checking out the sea grass by the sunset
The margarita sign - too bad you can't find a way to get rid of the X!