Thursday, January 14, 2010

The speech

The drama that surrounded the sorority speech has cleared and I got excited again to write the 'toast mistress' speech.

I had help from my 'sisters' and it was really fun to walk down memory lane if only for a short distance.  It was nice to share what our favorite memories are and figure out how to relay that to these girls who don't know DePauw University or the Indiana Epsilon chapter from Adam.  Here's the final, or close to final version.  Enjoy.  (I have changed the name of the sorority to protect the innocent--me).  Forgive me, it's typed in 'the way Corey reads/ blog form'... hope it makes sense.

Ten years ago, almost to the day, 30 strangers became sorority sisters and I met the women who now know me better than I know myself and love me anyway.

I loved ABC from the second I ran down the street 10 years ago to the place I would call home for the rest of college.

I love it all. The rituals... the piles of tshirts I still have and wear... the chants... the songs.. the traditions... I would have happily had a candlepass when I got pregnant if there was such a thing.

Not everyone would love the idea of living in a house with 100 women, sharing bathrooms with them, and eating three meals a day together.... but I did.

For four years we grew up together. We laughed, cried, and played... sometimes too hard.

We learned how to celebrate eachother's differences and enjoy the similarities.

We are as close today as we were 10 years ago if not closer.

Some of us are married, some have families, some have amazing careers in awesome cities... and we talk everyday. It's probably a bit nauseating to some of our husbands...but we are there for eachother, always.

I want to share a couple of stories with you... about how amazing the bond with the person sitting next to you can be...

In late 2008, right around Christmas I was newly pregnant with our son and my mom was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. A few months later, while my mom was in the throws of chemo and radiation my husband and I went to Columbus to watch my sorority sisters... who I will from here on refer to as best friends... run a half marathon.

When we got there, they were all wearing these tshirts. They say "go BJ go" on the front with pink ribbons. On the back they say "13 point one miles is nothing compard to fighting breast cancer". They ran in honor of my mom-- who beat the cancer by the way. It is that kind of love, support and caring that I hope you find in eachother.

At DePauw we had cold and warm dorms where everyone slept... just a big room with a lot of beds. In the warm dorm there was a closet with what can only be considered the most fabulous 80's prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses and awesome accessories.

I remember coming back from Thanksgiving break sophomore year and having one of our best friends tell us that her parents were getting divorced... and it was nasty.

This is the friend who is always working to make sure everyone else is happy. She has more energy than any of us and lights up a room when she walks in it... that light was out.

So... we all went to the warm dorm closet and found the most fabulous frocks we could find... I’m talking puffy sleeves, lace, teal and purple polyester.... we blasted backstreet boys and had a dance party in the second floor hallway at ABC.

We laughed until we all cried with our friend.

We became eachother's family in pi phi, we leaned on eachother like real sisters and today we remain family. I hope you are lucky enough to become eachothers family.

There are so many more experiences, stories, and memories I could share with you... instead I will just tell you I am jealous.

I am jealous of the journey you’re about to embark on.

I hope you savor each moment and are lucky enough to look back with the same wonderful memories that I have and I’m sure all of the women up here have from being a member of ABC.

I hope you find the same love and friendship I found at ABC. I hope that you grow as individuals and together. I hope you leave ABC a better person than when you found it.

And so for you... the women of the Ohio Kappa Chapter of ABC... here’s to growing into strong, empowered happy women who know the good things in life and are lucky enough to have met the women who will know you better than you know yourselves... and love you anyway.

The Best part?  Reading it enough times beforehand so that I don't cry while I'm giving it.


mcconkei said...

Well said . My bet is you cry no matter how much you practice. Your dad and I would. When is the big day and good luck.

Meggie said...

Such a great speech. You'll do great!