Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nutritious and Delicious....

So, super stay at home mom, I am not.  I'm still learning fun projects to do with Cannon and still spend a lot of time pulling him out of the pantry (literally climbing the shelves).  So today, I tackled finger painting.  I made the paint myself (who knew?!?  it's water and flour and food coloring!) and covered the kitchen table with wax paper (taped it down) and he went to town! 

In 15 minutes he managed to paint and eat his way through four different colors.  Disturbingly the dog also ate it.  We went immediately to a bath.

So, as Dan would say 'correction of errors' for next time.  We need a stool for art projects, the kitchen chairs will not make it if we continue to have projects like this one.  Three words: Naked Finger Painting.  A cup and a half of 'finger paint' is more than enough.  Paper would be better than wax paper.  But for the first attempt, it was a total success and Cannon loved it.

The Best part?  (Basically) free fun!

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