Friday, January 22, 2010

Not the same...

8 saltines.  That's what I've eaten today.  

Hot chocolate.  Chicken noodle soup.  Toast (sometimes with butter and cinnamon). 

Those are the things I remember from when I sick when I was a kid.  I made my own chicken noodle soup yesterday before I got sick (perhaps I'm psychic?  it was on the menu plan for the day yesterday).  Now, as I lay in bed under four blankents on top of sheets I probably broke five fevers in last night, I want my mom! 

I will say for his part Dan has been terrific and thank goodness for daycare taking Cannon this morning--I could not get out of bed.  But Dan has a job.  A more than fulltime one.  That doesn't leave much time for waiting on his ailing wife.  There should be a rule: Mom's are not allowed to get sick.  It's too hard.  Too many things go by the wayside (nevermind having to cancel dinner plans we've had for months with friends who we never see).  But all of those things will be there when I get better I suppose.  

We're creeping up on 24 hours.  Fingers crossed it's a 24 hour bug.

Nap time.

The Best part?  It could have hit next weekend and ruined major weekend travel plans...

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Aly said...

I agree... it's exponentially harder to be sick when you're a mom.

We missed seeing you on Friday, but I agree that we made the right choice. Hopefully you're feeling better now that it's been a few days!