Monday, January 25, 2010

I cried...

I am recovering from a nasty, nasty virus.  I am so tired of laying in bed (since Thursday) but I managed to shower and dress myself up on Saturday for the speech.  It was a lovely banquet (nothing like showing up in a coctail dress sweating in the middle of winter thanks to a fever-- stood outside for 10 minutes in just my dress to cool down, not kidding) and the new initiates are adorable.  The women, even those on grand council, were absolutely delightful and seemed to really enjoy the speech.  I read it a thousand times and still shed a few tears when I talked about my mom's cancer.

In the end, I'm glad I did it.  I wish the drama hadn't surrounded it.

The next mystery to solve is why I can be on television in front of hundreds of thousands and don't bat an eye, can talk and talk and talk about nothing for minutes if need be.  Never get nervous.  But when I'm in a room of 80 people giving a 4 minute speech, I get nervous!

The Best part?  I got to reminisce about some wonderful memories with my best friends to prepare for the speech. 

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