Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do over...

No more mac and cheese and hotdogs for dinner.  The morning 'treat' for mama that results is an absolutely repulsive way to start the day.

The tile floor of the bathroom this morning was pretty close to freezing, as in 32 degrees.  It was clearly colder than normal.  Scenario in my head: crap, we let the home warranty expire, this is going to cost a fortune.  Oh, and it's 20 outside so today I have to get someone in here to tell us for $200 that we need a new heating unit.  Oh, and then go to the store, buy one, have it delivered and installed.  Actual scenario: the batteries in the thermostat died.  Thank goodness.

Tuck's absolutely full water dish, poured all over the floor.  I suppose that will help keep the floor clean.

The Best part?  I'm feeling pretty close to 100% and tackled these challenges with the ease, grac,e and class of a true professional (although I unscrewed the front of the thermostat only to learn there's a much simpler way to take the batteries out). 

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