Monday, January 4, 2010

Did I miss anything?

I don't do New Years Resolutions.  Or, I don't do them well.  Anytime I make a lofty goal to quit drinking caffiene (yeah right... unless I'm pregnant that's not gonna happen and I'm not pregnant) or lose 10 pounds (it's really a perpetual goal) or to be nicer, it goes by the wayside.  I'm not making a resolution this year, not on here or anywhere else.

Here's what I will do.  On my Dad's 60th birthday while we were on vacation he shared an article with us.  It's from a USA Today Columnist named Craig Wilson who borrowed what follows from an author named Brian Peterson.  Peterson wrote a book of essays including one called "Strange Gifts." 
In it Peterson talks about the approaching deaths of two men — one a guard at the museum where he works; the other a neighbor.

"Death was a gift for both of them — a strange and terrible gift that woke them up and opened their eyes to the reality of the world they were leaving," writes Peterson, who admits their deaths were a gift to him, too.

What he learned from them both — to pay more attention to the world around you — is an age-old lesson few of us ever learn.

We are all in a hurry. We don't even see the roses, let alone stop to smell them. We travel to the far reaches of the Earth but rarely see what's there. We sing "Slow down, you move too fast," but we don't hear the message.

"When I'm brushing my teeth at night and staring at my aging face in the mirror," Peterson writes, "sometimes I ask myself, 'Well, how did I do today? Did I miss anything?'

Not bad questions to ask ourselves as we head not only into a new year, but a new decade. And just in case you're rushing to get to an early New Year's celebration, I'll repeat them.

How did I do today?

Did I miss anything?

So, I will resolve to slow down some.  I will organize less try to organize less and fly by the seat of my pants more.  I will savor moments like when I walk into Cannon's room in the morning and am greeted with a cheerful 'hi!' and a hug and kiss.  I will take more mental pictures and more actual pictures (if that's possible) and I will ask myself, 'how did I do today?'.  I will try not to miss anything. 

Dan likes to say 'be great today'.  Great is awfully lofty.  I consider it a success if I can be good today and strive for great.

Dammit, I made a resolution.  Life will be even sweeter if it's one I can keep.

The Best part?  Taking the time to take it all in.

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