Friday, January 8, 2010

Cuddle This

I don't have a cuddly kid. 

I have a run around, climb, jump, explore, play, barely pause to eat, fly by the seat of his pants kid.  And I'm ok with that. 

I'm more than ok with that. 

He's not attached to us and he's a social butterfly.  That doesn't mean that sometimes Mommy wouldn't like to just cuddle.  So it's bittersweet that he woke up with a fever today (guilt level is high after letting him cry not once but twice last night... then having him wakeup sick).  I hate that he's sick but I love that he just wants to lay around with me.  I will savor cuddly Cannon today because I know that by tonight (hopefully) it'll be gone.

In other news...

The 'sorority' speech is fast approaching and my speech is coming along.  I have overcome my anger and found some motiviation to write it thanks to the help of my 'sisters' who have walked down memory lane with me.  It probably won't be the 'look at the woman ABC sorority made me' or the 'I got this great job because of ABC sorority' (yes, the did suggest that maybe I could talk about how I got a job interview because of being a member of ABC... that has never happened--I get interviews cause I'm qualified--so unless they want me to make something up...) but I hope I can share some of my experiences and wish them well as they begin their journey as a member of ABC.  Now the trick is to read it enough times that I don't cry when I'm giving it.  I will of course post it in it's entirity.

Dan and I have date night this Saturday (if Cannon's better) and will be inside the rest of the weekend.  It's offensively cold here.  Oh, and it snowed. 

If you know anything about the Cincinnati area you know that snow freaks people out.  Probably because the media elite (of which I am a part) do our best to beat the story into the ground.  Anyway, it snowed, like 3 inches, big whoop.  Here's what the basement looks like when you don't leave the house:

That's all I've got.

The Best part?  The cuddling.

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