Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to it.

Well, it's over.  Ho hum.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, vacation, New Years, it's all over.  The inside of the house has returned to it's normal decor and soon the outisde will too (too effing cold right now to take the wreaths down, deal with it neighbors).  Ho hum.  I get a little sad when the holidays are over. 

As I've mentioned before, I love it all.  The cooking, the decorating, the spirit, the season, I just love it.  This year was spectacular.  It was all absolutely magnificent. 

So, I'll be blue for a day or two then remember all the things I/we have to look forward to in 2010! 

A sampling...

... date night this weekend...

... A trip to see my girlfriends and celebrate a new life in just a few short weeks!

... my 29th birthday... (looking 'forward to' might not be the right wording for this one)

... our 5th wedding anniversary...

... walking a half marathon in May (a decision I literally just made) with a few friends!...

... a vacation to Hilton Head...

And that's just the major events through May! 

So, I'll be blue for a day-ish.  Then I'll remember that if the tree and decorations were up all year they would lose their luster and spirit.

The Best part?  The excitement of not knowing what a new year will bring.  Cheers.

1 comment:

Aly said...

I get a little blue too right after the festivities end. (And I hear ya on the outside decos!)

Sounds like you have a fantastic 2010 to look forward to. :)

Can't wait for the half-marathon!