Thursday, January 28, 2010



I'm leaving the boys for a couple of days.  They are best friends and will be super while I'm gone. 

I am excited about old friends.  I'm excited about new laughs (and old ones).  I can't wait for celebrating.  There's something phenomenal about old friends.  You know, the ones who know you better than you know yourself and love you anyway? :)


The Best part?  Baby Isla Grace Thompson is coming soon and we're going to welcome her in style!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photograph This

I don't want to be Ansel Adams.  I have no desire to take engagement pictures or become an event photographer.  I would however like to be able to take great pictures of our family and friends.  I am that girl who orders prints weekly and puts them into albums.  We have photo albums.  Lots of them.  So does my Dad.  So does my Grandfather.  It's genetic.  It must be. 

So, I'm giving Picasa a shot.  Primarily cause a friend told me it has some simple editing tools that would negate the need for photo editing software.  Secondarily cause I'm tired of Kodak Gallery taking hours upon hours to upload pictures.  I'm not being dramatic.  It takes forever.

So, below are a few old pics I played with.

The Best part?  Exploring a new hobby.

Do over...

No more mac and cheese and hotdogs for dinner.  The morning 'treat' for mama that results is an absolutely repulsive way to start the day.

The tile floor of the bathroom this morning was pretty close to freezing, as in 32 degrees.  It was clearly colder than normal.  Scenario in my head: crap, we let the home warranty expire, this is going to cost a fortune.  Oh, and it's 20 outside so today I have to get someone in here to tell us for $200 that we need a new heating unit.  Oh, and then go to the store, buy one, have it delivered and installed.  Actual scenario: the batteries in the thermostat died.  Thank goodness.

Tuck's absolutely full water dish, poured all over the floor.  I suppose that will help keep the floor clean.

The Best part?  I'm feeling pretty close to 100% and tackled these challenges with the ease, grac,e and class of a true professional (although I unscrewed the front of the thermostat only to learn there's a much simpler way to take the batteries out). 

Monday, January 25, 2010

I cried...

I am recovering from a nasty, nasty virus.  I am so tired of laying in bed (since Thursday) but I managed to shower and dress myself up on Saturday for the speech.  It was a lovely banquet (nothing like showing up in a coctail dress sweating in the middle of winter thanks to a fever-- stood outside for 10 minutes in just my dress to cool down, not kidding) and the new initiates are adorable.  The women, even those on grand council, were absolutely delightful and seemed to really enjoy the speech.  I read it a thousand times and still shed a few tears when I talked about my mom's cancer.

In the end, I'm glad I did it.  I wish the drama hadn't surrounded it.

The next mystery to solve is why I can be on television in front of hundreds of thousands and don't bat an eye, can talk and talk and talk about nothing for minutes if need be.  Never get nervous.  But when I'm in a room of 80 people giving a 4 minute speech, I get nervous!

The Best part?  I got to reminisce about some wonderful memories with my best friends to prepare for the speech. 

And we're back...

Now that the infamous 'speech' is over the blog can be public again.  I debated it for a little bit--possibly still creeped out about internet creepers.  I've changed some settings to make it slightly more difficult to find.  I know that anything I put on the internet isn't private. 

I will stick to a few 'rules to blog by'...
... no one HAS to read my blog.
... a friend reminded me to 'keep it honest' and that's what I try to do.  Life isn't always pretty. 
... I will remember that the creepy internet people are always out there... why they care is beyond me.

I have learned my lesson about naming people, places, organizations, dalai lamas, friends' grandmothers, or food types on the blog for fear that I may feel the wrath of another grand council.

The main reason that I've gone public again is that my grandparents started reading and I got the most wonderful call from my grandfather about how much he liked it (note to self: keep language clean) and it made my day. 

So, here's to making it easy for those who know me, love me, hate me, like me, want to like me, or just get a kick out of my profound observations and sage advice to follow along with the Best part.

The Best part?  Sorority drama has been put to rest. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Not the same...

8 saltines.  That's what I've eaten today.  

Hot chocolate.  Chicken noodle soup.  Toast (sometimes with butter and cinnamon). 

Those are the things I remember from when I sick when I was a kid.  I made my own chicken noodle soup yesterday before I got sick (perhaps I'm psychic?  it was on the menu plan for the day yesterday).  Now, as I lay in bed under four blankents on top of sheets I probably broke five fevers in last night, I want my mom! 

I will say for his part Dan has been terrific and thank goodness for daycare taking Cannon this morning--I could not get out of bed.  But Dan has a job.  A more than fulltime one.  That doesn't leave much time for waiting on his ailing wife.  There should be a rule: Mom's are not allowed to get sick.  It's too hard.  Too many things go by the wayside (nevermind having to cancel dinner plans we've had for months with friends who we never see).  But all of those things will be there when I get better I suppose.  

We're creeping up on 24 hours.  Fingers crossed it's a 24 hour bug.

Nap time.

The Best part?  It could have hit next weekend and ruined major weekend travel plans...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wise beyond his years...

There's a book written by a Mr. Big Bird called Being Sick is No Fun.  He was right.

The stomach virus that's attacked the tri-state has made it's way to the Best house.

When I crawl up off the bathroom floor, I will be the Lysol queen. 

Until then you can find me either on said bathroom floor or under dozens of blankets on the couch.

The Best part?  I can't last forever... (the sorority girl in me wanted to say something about not being able to eat...) :)

AND... I take back what I said about my stomach being stronger than Dan's.  Turns out it's just behind the curve.  Damn.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Globes... big ones.

Brace yourselves.  A lot of my friends and even my husband don't understand this.

I don't do movies. 

I don't know why.  I mean I like watching them (hate going to see them... would much rather wait until it's on video and park my ass on the couch) once I get into them but I just don't love movies.  Sometimes I'm inspired but maybe it's my reality tv addiction or the fact that I don't like to watch tv and 'think' (hence the reality tv addiction). 

My parents love movies.  My husband loves movies.  My friends love movies.  I just can't be bothered.

I hate scary ones.  I'm one of those people who has awful nightmares after a scary movie (like someone is murdering me and my family scary).  I really believe saying 'Candyman' three times could bring some unwanted tragedy.  When Dan is out of town, the curtains are closed and the lights are ON. 

I don't do sci-fi.  No explanation needed.

I do enjoy 'good ones'.  But I'd have to say if you want me to sit down and watch a movie you're best chances are to bring a romantic comedy a la You, Me and Dupree, Wedding Crashers, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  (Oh!! It's a cake!)  I did laugh my ass off at The Hangover but who didn't?  Oh and we watched it like a week ago.  Do you have any idea how long ago that was in the theatre?

So, I digress. 

I'm inspired.  We're watching the Golden Globes (not sure why Dan's not protesting but I'm not saying anything) and there are a few movies I'd like to see.  So, before the end of the year (let's start small) I would like to see Julie and Julia, Precious, and It's Complicated.

So, here goes nothing.  Three movies in a year--add that to The Hangover and that's 4.

The Best part?  The dresses!

I'm blog stealing.  A good friend always previews 'posts to come' so here's my attempt at providing inspiration for myself for future posts.

The Best is yet to come.
....why Skyline Chili is absolutely the worst.
... putting the sorority bs to rest.

... a new leaf... and a guilty pleasure

There is no reason we should spend seven or eight hundred dollars a month on groceries.  No reason at all.  I am turning over a new leaf.  It's menu planning (hate), watching sales, and trying to keep the groceries to $100 a week (including diapers, not including wine).  Oh and some couponing (although I usually pick the store brand). 

So far, so good.  $68 for this week but still have a few small purchases to make later in the week.  Not bad.

Guilty pleasure alert: Jersey Shore.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  It's like a trianwreck and you can't turn away.  Or I can't.  When I turn it off, I feel like I've lost a few IQ points but also feel great about myself.  Who knew? 

The Best part?  Lazy Sunday.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Glamorous--Yes I sang the lyrics to spell that right.

I am a firm believer that if you can't laugh at yourself, you can't laugh at anyone else.  It's along the same lines as, 'if you don't vote, you can't complain'. 


I work in a business where you could get caught up in the glamour.  You know, live shots in a blizzard telling people to stay inside when you're outside, standing at 13th and Republic (easily one of Cincinnati's most dangerous intersections) reporting on how police are on their way--not there yet-- to investigate a murder, or sitting in a city council meeting watching what can only be described as a circus take place with tax payer dollars.  The only job more glamorous is a stay at home mom (as I check my left and right shoulders and notice snot on both of them). 

So, I don't consider reporting glamorous.  However, I am on TV.  So are all the people I work with, every day.  It's our job.  That's what we do.  You do market research, I am on TV.  You work in pharmaceuticals, I am on TV.  It's my job.  I work to live, I do not live to work (as is evidenced by my two day a week work schedule). 

Get to the point.

So, it's not a glamourous job, but people 'know us'.  Reporters and anchors get recognized all the time.  It usually looks like a revalation on someone's face.  Like "holy cow, you just came out of my tv and here you sweating on the elliptical at the gym!"  You are real.  Anyway, it's generally an awkward conversation for me.  Someone asks 'are you corey...?' and I say yes (usually) and they say 'we watch you every night' and I thank them for watching and say goodbye.  All the while hoping that they didn't notice how many glasses of wine I drank at dinner, or wondering if they noticed the lack of makeup first or the sweatpants.

To the point I go.

There are people in this world who take themselves too seriously.  There are a lot of people in television who take themselves too seriously and it's because someone gives them permission to do so.  You do not need to create you own 'fan club' on facebook so that you can see how many people want to be your fan.  Why you would invite any strangers into your private life is beyond me (as I write a blog post for the world to see).  Anyway. 

Here's to those who can laugh at themselves and in turn are allowed to laugh at others.  Today I am laughing at others.

Cheers.  Happy Friday.  We are celebrating this weekend.

The Best part?  Laughing.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nutritious and Delicious....

So, super stay at home mom, I am not.  I'm still learning fun projects to do with Cannon and still spend a lot of time pulling him out of the pantry (literally climbing the shelves).  So today, I tackled finger painting.  I made the paint myself (who knew?!?  it's water and flour and food coloring!) and covered the kitchen table with wax paper (taped it down) and he went to town! 

In 15 minutes he managed to paint and eat his way through four different colors.  Disturbingly the dog also ate it.  We went immediately to a bath.

So, as Dan would say 'correction of errors' for next time.  We need a stool for art projects, the kitchen chairs will not make it if we continue to have projects like this one.  Three words: Naked Finger Painting.  A cup and a half of 'finger paint' is more than enough.  Paper would be better than wax paper.  But for the first attempt, it was a total success and Cannon loved it.

The Best part?  (Basically) free fun!

The speech

The drama that surrounded the sorority speech has cleared and I got excited again to write the 'toast mistress' speech.

I had help from my 'sisters' and it was really fun to walk down memory lane if only for a short distance.  It was nice to share what our favorite memories are and figure out how to relay that to these girls who don't know DePauw University or the Indiana Epsilon chapter from Adam.  Here's the final, or close to final version.  Enjoy.  (I have changed the name of the sorority to protect the innocent--me).  Forgive me, it's typed in 'the way Corey reads/ blog form'... hope it makes sense.

Ten years ago, almost to the day, 30 strangers became sorority sisters and I met the women who now know me better than I know myself and love me anyway.

I loved ABC from the second I ran down the street 10 years ago to the place I would call home for the rest of college.

I love it all. The rituals... the piles of tshirts I still have and wear... the chants... the songs.. the traditions... I would have happily had a candlepass when I got pregnant if there was such a thing.

Not everyone would love the idea of living in a house with 100 women, sharing bathrooms with them, and eating three meals a day together.... but I did.

For four years we grew up together. We laughed, cried, and played... sometimes too hard.

We learned how to celebrate eachother's differences and enjoy the similarities.

We are as close today as we were 10 years ago if not closer.

Some of us are married, some have families, some have amazing careers in awesome cities... and we talk everyday. It's probably a bit nauseating to some of our husbands...but we are there for eachother, always.

I want to share a couple of stories with you... about how amazing the bond with the person sitting next to you can be...

In late 2008, right around Christmas I was newly pregnant with our son and my mom was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. A few months later, while my mom was in the throws of chemo and radiation my husband and I went to Columbus to watch my sorority sisters... who I will from here on refer to as best friends... run a half marathon.

When we got there, they were all wearing these tshirts. They say "go BJ go" on the front with pink ribbons. On the back they say "13 point one miles is nothing compard to fighting breast cancer". They ran in honor of my mom-- who beat the cancer by the way. It is that kind of love, support and caring that I hope you find in eachother.

At DePauw we had cold and warm dorms where everyone slept... just a big room with a lot of beds. In the warm dorm there was a closet with what can only be considered the most fabulous 80's prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses and awesome accessories.

I remember coming back from Thanksgiving break sophomore year and having one of our best friends tell us that her parents were getting divorced... and it was nasty.

This is the friend who is always working to make sure everyone else is happy. She has more energy than any of us and lights up a room when she walks in it... that light was out.

So... we all went to the warm dorm closet and found the most fabulous frocks we could find... I’m talking puffy sleeves, lace, teal and purple polyester.... we blasted backstreet boys and had a dance party in the second floor hallway at ABC.

We laughed until we all cried with our friend.

We became eachother's family in pi phi, we leaned on eachother like real sisters and today we remain family. I hope you are lucky enough to become eachothers family.

There are so many more experiences, stories, and memories I could share with you... instead I will just tell you I am jealous.

I am jealous of the journey you’re about to embark on.

I hope you savor each moment and are lucky enough to look back with the same wonderful memories that I have and I’m sure all of the women up here have from being a member of ABC.

I hope you find the same love and friendship I found at ABC. I hope that you grow as individuals and together. I hope you leave ABC a better person than when you found it.

And so for you... the women of the Ohio Kappa Chapter of ABC... here’s to growing into strong, empowered happy women who know the good things in life and are lucky enough to have met the women who will know you better than you know yourselves... and love you anyway.

The Best part?  Reading it enough times beforehand so that I don't cry while I'm giving it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Least Fave...

I'm pretty sure one of my absolute least favorite things about being a parent is changing the crib sheet. 

When the mattress is high it's cake compared to now.  Since Cannon thinks he's Super Grover and can climb over the highest heights and leap from couch to chair, the mattress is basically on the floor.  There is no graceful way to bend over and contort your body to fight with a fitted sheet.  I usually break out in a sweat and curse whoever invented bumpers. 

The crib sheet does not get changed as often as it should.

Above is the reason.

The Best part?  If that's my least favorite part about being a parent, life's pretty damn good.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Freaking Cold....

... but it's pretty....

The Best part?  It'll melt next week.

Cuddle This

I don't have a cuddly kid. 

I have a run around, climb, jump, explore, play, barely pause to eat, fly by the seat of his pants kid.  And I'm ok with that. 

I'm more than ok with that. 

He's not attached to us and he's a social butterfly.  That doesn't mean that sometimes Mommy wouldn't like to just cuddle.  So it's bittersweet that he woke up with a fever today (guilt level is high after letting him cry not once but twice last night... then having him wakeup sick).  I hate that he's sick but I love that he just wants to lay around with me.  I will savor cuddly Cannon today because I know that by tonight (hopefully) it'll be gone.

In other news...

The 'sorority' speech is fast approaching and my speech is coming along.  I have overcome my anger and found some motiviation to write it thanks to the help of my 'sisters' who have walked down memory lane with me.  It probably won't be the 'look at the woman ABC sorority made me' or the 'I got this great job because of ABC sorority' (yes, the did suggest that maybe I could talk about how I got a job interview because of being a member of ABC... that has never happened--I get interviews cause I'm qualified--so unless they want me to make something up...) but I hope I can share some of my experiences and wish them well as they begin their journey as a member of ABC.  Now the trick is to read it enough times that I don't cry when I'm giving it.  I will of course post it in it's entirity.

Dan and I have date night this Saturday (if Cannon's better) and will be inside the rest of the weekend.  It's offensively cold here.  Oh, and it snowed. 

If you know anything about the Cincinnati area you know that snow freaks people out.  Probably because the media elite (of which I am a part) do our best to beat the story into the ground.  Anyway, it snowed, like 3 inches, big whoop.  Here's what the basement looks like when you don't leave the house:

That's all I've got.

The Best part?  The cuddling.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Did I miss anything?

I don't do New Years Resolutions.  Or, I don't do them well.  Anytime I make a lofty goal to quit drinking caffiene (yeah right... unless I'm pregnant that's not gonna happen and I'm not pregnant) or lose 10 pounds (it's really a perpetual goal) or to be nicer, it goes by the wayside.  I'm not making a resolution this year, not on here or anywhere else.

Here's what I will do.  On my Dad's 60th birthday while we were on vacation he shared an article with us.  It's from a USA Today Columnist named Craig Wilson who borrowed what follows from an author named Brian Peterson.  Peterson wrote a book of essays including one called "Strange Gifts." 
In it Peterson talks about the approaching deaths of two men — one a guard at the museum where he works; the other a neighbor.

"Death was a gift for both of them — a strange and terrible gift that woke them up and opened their eyes to the reality of the world they were leaving," writes Peterson, who admits their deaths were a gift to him, too.

What he learned from them both — to pay more attention to the world around you — is an age-old lesson few of us ever learn.

We are all in a hurry. We don't even see the roses, let alone stop to smell them. We travel to the far reaches of the Earth but rarely see what's there. We sing "Slow down, you move too fast," but we don't hear the message.

"When I'm brushing my teeth at night and staring at my aging face in the mirror," Peterson writes, "sometimes I ask myself, 'Well, how did I do today? Did I miss anything?'

Not bad questions to ask ourselves as we head not only into a new year, but a new decade. And just in case you're rushing to get to an early New Year's celebration, I'll repeat them.

How did I do today?

Did I miss anything?

So, I will resolve to slow down some.  I will organize less try to organize less and fly by the seat of my pants more.  I will savor moments like when I walk into Cannon's room in the morning and am greeted with a cheerful 'hi!' and a hug and kiss.  I will take more mental pictures and more actual pictures (if that's possible) and I will ask myself, 'how did I do today?'.  I will try not to miss anything. 

Dan likes to say 'be great today'.  Great is awfully lofty.  I consider it a success if I can be good today and strive for great.

Dammit, I made a resolution.  Life will be even sweeter if it's one I can keep.

The Best part?  Taking the time to take it all in.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to it.

Well, it's over.  Ho hum.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, vacation, New Years, it's all over.  The inside of the house has returned to it's normal decor and soon the outisde will too (too effing cold right now to take the wreaths down, deal with it neighbors).  Ho hum.  I get a little sad when the holidays are over. 

As I've mentioned before, I love it all.  The cooking, the decorating, the spirit, the season, I just love it.  This year was spectacular.  It was all absolutely magnificent. 

So, I'll be blue for a day or two then remember all the things I/we have to look forward to in 2010! 

A sampling...

... date night this weekend...

... A trip to see my girlfriends and celebrate a new life in just a few short weeks!

... my 29th birthday... (looking 'forward to' might not be the right wording for this one)

... our 5th wedding anniversary...

... walking a half marathon in May (a decision I literally just made) with a few friends!...

... a vacation to Hilton Head...

And that's just the major events through May! 

So, I'll be blue for a day-ish.  Then I'll remember that if the tree and decorations were up all year they would lose their luster and spirit.

The Best part?  The excitement of not knowing what a new year will bring.  Cheers.

Vacay Recap

Our bags aren't unpacked and who knows how long I'll keep my summer clothes out.  Most likely until the summer.  I am going through vacation withdrawl.  There's so much to tell but I will let some pictures do the talking. 

We had our toes in the sand for seven days.  We laughed until we cried and played hard.  We indulged.  We watched the sunset every day.  We relaxed.  For me this was wonderful but for Dan, it was even better.  He desperately needed this break from work.  He did not touch his Blackberry for the whole week.  That is truly a vacation.  Now if we could just figure out how to live on Captiva, we'd be set.

This quiet little drinking village with a fishing problem is just wonderful.  It is quaint, and cozy, and classy, and quiet, and just absolutely perfect. 

My parents got to bond with Cannon which was truly wonderful.  He says "Bubble" for my mom's grandmother name of "Bubbles" and "Dah-Bee" for my dad's grandfather name of Doobie.  He also hung out with Uncle Ross who he calls "Raahhh".  It was  a blast. 

There is something very special about getting to watch your parents play with your kids.  Can't really explain it but feel so blessed we had a whole 7 days together. 

As always, we are luckier than we deserve to be.  I think one of the island stores says it best, YOLO.  You Only Live Once.

The Best part?  We made wonderful memories.

And... how about that new camera and my new skills? :)

And we're back...

Despite my best efforts to figure out how to make a living on Captiva Island, we are back home where our Christmas tree still stands, there's more laundry than I know what to do with, and it's 7 degrees.  Ugh.

A post to come on our wonderful vacation.

We flew home yesterday afternoon at 1.  One o'clock is also known as nap time.   The morning nap didn't happen because we were on our way to the airport and the afternoon nap, well, here's the situation.

Cannon is 16 months.  At 24 months we have to buy him a plane ticket of his own.  Who in their right mind would buy a plane ticket for someone who can fly for free? 

We are not novices to flying with Cannon.  We've flown more than a dozen times since he was born.  When he was tiny and we flew I worried about him eating enough or napping on the plane or sitting next to someone who didn't like babies.  I take back all of those worries and would welcome the days when he would just cuddle and sleep on the plane. 

For 2 hours and 42 minutes yesterday it was a workout.  He didn't cry or throw any tantrums.  However.  He constantly dove from parent to parent, headbutting, waving, screaming words, all the while making sly attempts to escape.  The concept of an inside voice is lost on him although he does mock our "shushing" efforts by making the noise and putting his finger to his lips.  He flirted with flight attendants, stuck his tongue out at other passengers, and left us bruised and beat.  So, the good news is that he didn't poop (I could write an entire post about trying to change a poopy diaper in an airplane bathroom, I've been on ONE plane that had a changing table, ONE), or cry the whole time, and he didn't have a cold so we weren't covered in snot from the various headbutts and nose dives.

We will savor the time while we don't have to buy him a ticket to fly places, however, I will welcome the extra room when the time comes.

The Best part?  It was less than 3 hours.