Friday, December 18, 2009

An honor...

So I'm completely honored and flattered that I've been asked to be the "Toast Mistress" for Pi Beta Phi's newest chapter's (Ohio Kappa, University of Cincinnati) initiation banquet.  Clearly the terms "local celebrity" are used loosely.  Regardless, I am so excited.  It's not a major committment, just some pictures and a speech.  The speech is what I'm excited about.  They want me to share my experience and get these new initiates and their parents excited about Pi Phi! 

Um, I can totally do that, I led the rush cheers, I mean really.

"I am a P!"

So, I have a few weeks to write a 7ish minute speech.  I write scripts everyday (ok fine, I write scripts on the days I work).  This should be cake.  Now where to start...

How do I put into words the friendships I made?  How do I describe what 'sisterhood' actually is?  How do I convince these girls that living in a house with 80 women is hilarious, entertaining, dramatic, and wonderful all at the same time? 
I guess I start at the beginning.

"10 years ago, almost to the day, 30 strangers became sisters and I met the women who now know me better than I know myself and love me anyway."

Guess that's a start!

The Best part?  Getting to put into words one of my most favorite life experiences.

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