Friday, December 4, 2009

This is rare...

We are headed to the beach for the week after Christmas and could not be more excited.  However, I did not plan (not like me) to have to buy Cannon beachwear in December.  Fortunately he's still a little guy and most of his swim/ summer stuff will fit just fine.  Shoes, not so much.  So, I searched for sandals in stores and no dice.  Wonder why... it is winter int he midwest.  Online I found lots on but some of the prices were OUTRAGEOUS.  Who in the hell pays 80 dollars for a pair of kids sandals?  You can't be serious.

So, I eliminated buying any that are flip flop like, even if they did have straps on the back because I didn't know how he'd do with something between his toes.  I won't buy Crocs because I see way too many kids fall all the time in them.  I didn't want anything opened toed cause I just have mental images of him tripping on the pavement as soon as we get there and vacation is ruined. 

So... I'll stop rambling.  I found Rileyroos!  I fell in love.  This is a rare product endorsement from The Best part.  They are precious.  Every pair on the website is adorable.  I got him these and he's been running around in them all day:

So now I will be on a constant hunt for Rileyroo sales! 

The Best part?  They sure weren't 80 bucks.

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