Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good Things

Too much sad news lately.  Thought I'd share some things I'm looking forward to.  Good things.

Date night/ Christmas Shopping Night/ Dinner with Dan and only Dan/ Friends Holiday Party

Christmas Eve with our family

Christmas morning

A week at the beach with my family in a quiet little drinking village with a fishing problem.

Toes in the sand.

Having Cannon spend a week with my parents and brother.  We've never been together that long.

My dad's 60th birthday.

Welcoming a new year in warm weather and no pressure to have fabulous new years plans.

Snow on Saturday.

Christmas PJ's.

Mimosas and Cinnamon pullapart.

The Best part?  All of the above.  What are you looking forward to?


CaSandra said...

I'm looking forward to:

* Guilt-free cookie grazing

* Another family photo at Christmas

* Seeing Christmas through a "believers" eyes!

* Sprinkling reindeer food all over the lawn, and then watching Rob try to pick it all up!

* Enjoying the holidays with family and friends and feeling empowered by telling people "no". We simply can't be everywhere at once!

CaSandra said...

* Oh yah, a "new" weekly blog theme coming soon!