Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are Hotdogs a Food Group?

Cannon, unlike his mother, is not a big eater.  So I feel like when he does eat, I need to be providing him especially nutritious meals including all the food groups. 

Are hotdogs a food group?

Not only is he not a big eater but of late he won't try new things, rather he prefers to throw them on the floor (a post to come later asking for advice on getting your dog to lose weight).  So, we know he'll eat hotdogs, we know he'll eat cheese, we know he'll eat bananas, chicken fingers, yogurt, and an occassional perogie.  He does love fruit, including tomatoes.  Veggies not so much.  He'll eat mac and cheese and occassionally a PB&J or grilled cheese.  The problem is on nights when I'm not working and we eat together, I end up making him something else.  

I don't want to be a short order cook.  I have to stop this right now.


Is the best option just not to give him a choice?  Make him eat what we're eating?  He is only 15 months so he doesn't quite get that concept.  So, consider this a call to action.  Ideas, recipes, anything to get this guy eating!

The Best part?  Hotdogs are easy.

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Aly said...

I have a great recipe for a ham & pea couscous that I'll email to you. My boys love the texture & I love that it didn't come out of the microwave. Salmon has also been a hit. Jack calls it "pink chicken". (gross sounding, but he eats it!)

I also like to mix things with rice, especially for charlie. The rice is a familiar element, so he seems more trusting of what might be in it.

I do think, however, at this age there is an element of them not fully understanding our desire to have everyone eat the same meal. Those are the nights when hotdogs are a mom's best friend. :)