Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sugar High

So it was Cannon's second 'official' Halloween but the first one where we attempted to trick or treat.  Last year our little peapod was only 8 weeks old (and I still had pregnant face... and everything else).

This year was different.  We invited three families over for pizza and drinks before the trick or treating began.  So we had 7 adults and 6 kids running around and attempted a group shot.  Here's how it went:

Dan puts Cannon on the couch next to the two girls.

He's content for a second (even wearing Addie's bumble bee antanea).

He fakes left.

He fakes right.

And, he's off.

Oh well.  You win some you lose some.

So, we move outside.  The moms took the kids and the dads hung in the driveway (close to the beer) to hand out candy.  While I am fairly certain Cannon didn't have a clue what was going on, he had fun. 

We parked him in the wagon in the driveway to hang out for the rest of the night which he loved.  The neighbor girls even came by to give him his first pixie stick.  Awesome.

Trick or treating in our neighborhood is different. We had 200 trick or treaters. Not kidding. Kids everywhere. Everyone sits in their driveways, most have fire pits going, and hand out candy to the masses. It's a blast.  But by 8, we were all exhausted.  We did manage to keep Cannon up later in hopes of getting him to sleep in later because of daylight saving time.  No such luck.  We were up at 6.

The Best part? Next year will be even more fun!  Is it too early to start decorating for Christmas? :)


Aly said...
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Aly said...

Look at that little peapod! Seems impossible that he was ever that tiny.

Sounds like a fun Halloween. 200 trick-or-treaters?!? wow.

Onto Christmas... (wink)

*deleted my first comment b/c apparently I can't spell :)