Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ruffled Feathers

I need to vent.

This morning I went to the gym, left Cannon in their safe, clean, daycare along with my drivers license, notes about where I plan to be inside of the gym, and a blood sample and headed upstairs to the eliptical.  I did my 50 minutes of cardio and lifted a few weights.  While I was working out I read.  I did not have headphones on, nor was I engrossed in a dark loud spinning class.  I was reading, on the elliptical, in plain sight of most of the two story, open air, body building haven.

I return downstairs to pick Cannon up and one of the ladies rushes over. 

"Connor had an accident!". 

Connor?  I know there are a lot of kids in there and I know that he's there for like 3 hours a week but still... Connor?  Did all of the kids have an accident or just my kid?  Cause if it's just my kid, you could at least look at the sheet and learn his damn name. 

"Cannon?" I respond. 

"Oh, right.  Sorry.  Cannon fell off the teeter totter and cut his mouth.  He was bleeding for a few minutes but it stopped."

This has happened half a dozen times.  He falls, hits his chin and his bottom teeth hit the roof of his mouth, cutting his gums.  He bleeds for a few minutes and then is fine.  However, my son was bleeding in a daycare at a gym and no one came to get me.

"Is it standard procedure to not come get a parent when a child is bleeding?" I question.  Feathers starting to ruffle.

"We paged you twice.  There were too many kids in here for one of us to leave."  They hop on the defensive. 

"I didn't have headphones on and I was at the top of the stairs.  I heard all the other pages for trainers and such, I did not hear my name.  Not once, definitely not twice.  And, is there no one else who works in the gym who could come get me?" 

This place is a mega gym.  At any given time there are 20 or 30 trainers hanging around, a few managers and several 'desk' people.  There was clearly someone in the building who was available to walk up 30 stairs and search the 30 elipticals for Cannon or Connor's mom.  I left my concerns with the manager and gently suggested they take a closer look at their policy and also check the paging system.  They apoligized and said it would be taken care of.

I will take him back tomorrow.  I don't think he's unsafe there, and I'm not super crazy first time mom.  I am not.  I know those moms, I'm not one of them.  I want my child to get used to being places without me, be around other adults and he falls all the time.  I'm cool with all of that.  What I'm not cool with is the fact that my child was bleeding and no one thought I might like to know.  Add that to the fact that the woman comforting him while he cried was calling him Connor and my feathers are fully ruffled.

Whew.  I feel better.

The Best part?  Venting.  Thanks.


CaSandra said...

Okay, so I had to laugh... not that your experience was funny, it's just that I could just "hear" people calling Kensley, "KENZIE"!

That's why we named our children with unique names... so they stood out and didn't ignored!

Good for you for standing up and speaking with the manager. I'd probably fume about it the whole way home, scream/cry to Rob... then wish I had said something to the authorities!

Hope tomorrow goes better... and if he gets hurt again... all pf those "fit" trainers, can make it up the 30 stairs to get you :)

Meggie said...

that is ridiculous and I am glad you said something. Them not knowing my child's name would anger me. Maybe he needs a big jumper that says his name like you had when you were a kid "COREY" right on the front!
Hope today is better.
on another note- rock on for your workout! That is awesome!

Corey said...

I'm hoping for an apology today instead of a 'we paged you twice'... we'll see.