Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The principle of it.

I know everyone is just dying for more basement saga.  Well, I had mediation this morning. 

 A quick note to catch you up first though.

Last we heard from the first contractor he had been in the hospital for 34 days and was going to be out of the tri-state area for the next 4 to 6 months.  Once a liar...

So I went to mediation this morning knowing full well he was not going to be there.  I was right.  So, long story short.  The mediator called him, he agreed that he owes us money and says he'll pay by the end of the month (please note, that's five days away). 

There was no yelling, no Judge Judy style courtroom drama.  It was just fine.  He acknowleged that we're right, he's wrong, and that he owes us money.  We have a judgement in our favor. 

I'm not holding my breath for the check but do hope he decides to make this right.  If not, I do plan on following through again and taking the next step towards getting the money.

It was always about the principle of it.  You don't get to just quit without fulfilling a contract.  You made a commitment and broke it.  You don't just get away scott free.

The Best part?  I was right.  :)


CaSandra said...

As much as I'd LOVE for your next post to be about how you just rec'd payment... I'm guessing he's going to use the upcoming "holiday weekend" as his crutch for yet again, another delay!!!


Aly said...

CaSandra nailed it - the holiday will be his next excuse.

I'm proud of you for seeing this through to the courtroom! A lot of people would have given up and simply been mad about the loss of money.

mcconkei said...

Now I am really impressed. I found your blog. didn't know you had this. Now I understand the "rest of the story". have a great Thanksgiving wherever you end up parking yourself.