Tuesday, November 17, 2009

... the 'n' word...

Cannon's vocabulary is growing rapidly. 

He has a whole gammet of words like most 14 months olds do.

Shoe.  Down. Side (short for outside).  Mom.  Juice.  Cheese. Daddy.  Night night.  The list goes on.

But the last couple of days the favorite word is the 'n' word.  No.  And it's said in a whole host of different ways.  Declaratory as in "no!" as he throws his milk across the room.  Questioning "no?" as he attempts to jump between the chair and coffee table.  And most often like a whiny little baby 'nooooooo'.  It's like nails on a chalkboard, or whatever your least favorite sound is (mine is the sound of people chewing, so I should say it's like listening to someone chew.).

He's got a cold.  He's getting teeth.  He's fussy. 

I'm trying to make a point of not asking him to do something, although that's what comes easiest.  Like saying 'want to get out of the tub?'... instead I'm trying to rephrase so as not to give the opportunity for the word to be said.  "It's time to get out". 

Sure, we tell him no.  We're supposed to tell him no, right?  I asked his teacher at school, she says they're all saying it.  She said she says 'uh-uh' instead of 'no' or tries to. 

So the question is, how do I teach him 'yes'?  We taught him to 'moo' like a cow and 'quack' like a duck.  Surely we can teach him to say 'yes'.... right???

The Best part?  It's a phase.  It's got to be a phase.  I really hope it's a phase.

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