Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I know you're out there... aren't you?

I follow a couple dozen blogs.  I follow them all publicly (except 1).  I'm not ashamed that I like to read about other people's lives, enjoy some funny anecdotes, and get some new recipes.  I'm a blogger and I follow blogs publicly (except 1). 

Got me thinking... how many people follow my blog anonymously?  I mean I know of a couple friends who don't do the 'google reader' thing and who just visit on occassion but sometimes I get the feeling there are more readers out there than let on.  Random conversations at work with people who wouldn't normally know odd details about my life... strangers even maybe...  Or maybe I'm giving myself too much credit.

The Mrs., Shoe Obsessed, Clemson girl... I don't know these women but I find them entertaining and follow their blogs.  I'm not ashamed.  Then there are my friends who blog (Aly, Julie, CaS, Anne, Megs -although I wish she had a life blog too-... there are several).  Following their blogs enables me to catch up on life without actually having to talk to them.  Again, social networking is terrible for actual communication.  There are also the blogs I follow only for entertainment.  The sheer ridiculousness of some people's lives is entertaining.  I won't mention them.

So... what's there to be ashamed of?  Join me in publicly following along.  Don't hide in the shadows of cyberspace. 

The Best part?  I'll keep writing as long as one or two keep reading.  LBS*, I'll keep writing regardless of if anyone's reading.

*Let's Be Serious


Meggie said...

I'm reading and finally figured out how to "follow" you! When I am bored at work, reading blogs is my favorite. I actually went through your blog list today to see who else I may want to follow!

CaSandra said...

I wondered the SAME thing! I put a hit counter at the bottom of my page *I set it up to only track unique IP addresses, but seeing the number raise so quickly in a week, I'm guessing I must have selected a hit counter instead*

Just an idea!

Carey said...

Just catching up on your blog and loving that you love Clemson girl---she is actually a real life friend of mine that and I shared her hilarious blog with Julie...strange how that all works out. She really is as honest and funny in person! Happy Reading! What kind of camera did you get?

Corey said...

Carey I love that you actually know Clemson girl! We got a D3000, Nikon... am in love with it... wish I could play with it all the time!