Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can park... in the... GARAGE!

Our two car garage houses various strollers and wagons, a fridge, a freezer, and always two of our cars.  We are not the people who have a garage full of stuff and leave the cars outside.  We park our cars in the garage. 

That was until construction started. 

So, it is with nothing but sheer joy and elation that I can announce that I can park... in the GARAGE!

If I've lost you.... the translation... the basement is FINISHED!

Our toddler oasis complete with a firetruck ball pit, Little People world, and nearly every toy imaginable is complete.  The walls are toupe, the trim is white, the carpet is 'pecan'.  The half bath is light blue and it is fantastic.  Cannon actually goes to the door and bangs on it to go down there.  We have successfully moved 90% of the toys from the living room to the basement.  We have our living room back.

So, without further adieu... I give you... The BEST part!

Still some decorating and organizing to do...

Need a cool clock or something here...

Cannon's toy oasis.

Having hella trouble finding a mirror to go over the sink!

In search of a red and white damask floor mat/ rug for the floor.  Going to be a long search.


Jill said...

Your basement looks fantastic; definitely worth the wait. I am jealous of a toy hideaway. A quick glance around our living room right now reveals a lifelike duckling, a crying doll, a singing teapot with teacups, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a farm animal puzzle, a little fish, a stuffed kitty, one of Violet's socks, and a pair of her slippers.

We really are not pigs. This is just what she's gotten out of her toy box and brought to this room while I cleaned up from breakfast (and spent a minute amount of time on Facebook).

Anyway, your basement looks great! Do you have Garden Ridge stores in OH? Shawn and I found many an accessory there when we first moved from rugs to mirrors to frames. Lots of fun stuff!

Corey said...

thanks :) we are thrilled!
we do have a garden ridge, it's about half an hour away but I agree, worth the trip! good idea!