Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Griswold Holiday Season

I might be the only one but I doubt it. 

Generally the holidays come with a small ammount of stress.  Part of it's the money we spend buying people who don't need anything wonderful gifts that chances are, they'll return.  Part of it is coordinating plans.  Part of it is trying to figure out how to share the holidays with two families who live in different cities and who are best kept in separate rooms or states for that matter.  But this year, so far, has been surprisingly stress free.

Last year we decided that now that we're a family, we wake up in our house on Christmas morning.  We want to create our own traditions with our family and one of those is waking up at home Christmas morning.  Our home.  We want to leave cookies out for Santa on our fireplace and we want to sprinkle reindeer food in our front yard.  We want to read " Twas the Night Before Christmas" in front of our warm fire in our Christmas pj's.  It's not that we don't love our families and want our parents to be with us at the holidays, it's that we want our kids to have memories like we have.  Memories of our home at Christmas time.  We want to make it special for our kids.  And so, even though Cannon doesn't have a clue that it's Christmas or who Santa is or why there will soon be a tree in the living room, we will be at home on Christmas.

Last year we started some new traditions.  We are so lucky to have Dan's brother's family a quick 45 minute drive away.  So, this year, like last year, we will spend Christmas eve with them.  We will eat too much and spoil the kids.  We will share the holiday with them. 

Christmas morning we'll open presents (although it's difficult to 'open' a new basement) and then have some friends over for the 2nd Annual Best Family Christmas Brunch complete with mimosas, quiche, and a cinnamon pull apart.  The rest of Christmas day will be spent packing for a trip to Captiva Island where we'll meet my family for the WHOLE week!

I haven't done any shopping, am only beginning my grocery list for Thanksgiving (we'll be celebrating Christmas with Dan's family Thanksgiving weekend) and decorating is happening much later than I thought it would... but Christmas is coming and I couldn't be more excited!

The Best part? I love everything about Christmas time.  In fact, I think I'll go decorate starting... NOW!

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Aly said...

When Jack was born, we started the same tradition of waking up in our home on Christmas morning. It takes a lot of the stress away when you're family knows your plan from the start.

My goal this year is to have more meaning in the holiday and less "shiny". No body will notice if my house isn't straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog. :)