Friday, November 6, 2009

Frump City

I'm just sayin'. 

If Stacy and Clinton had been in the Florence Walmart at 8 this morning, I would be flying to NYC for a new wardrobe. 

That's saying A LOT.  I was the "What Not to Wear" candidate in a Walmart. 

Hoodie, check.  Tank top, check. Gauchos, check.  What Dan calls a 'sleeping bra', check.  No make-up, did not brush my hair.  Cannon had on khakis and his pajama shirt.  Awesome.

The Best part?  No one said, "hey, you're that reporter from..." or... "aren't you Corey..."? 


Lindsay Gardner said...

Nice .... sounds like me on the weekends ;)

Anne and Mike Field said...

Hav you seen this? There is no way you could ever be in these people's leagues.

Also, the "intro" pic is adorable!