Tuesday, November 10, 2009

... few words...

Disclaimer: If you are a friend of mine (or don't know me) and are pregnant read on at your own discretion.  Learned some sad news about a friend tonight and felt compelled to write.

Sometimes you hear something and it actually makes your heart ache.  Like physically, you can feel your heart hurting.  Tonight my heart is aching. 

A friend went in for a routine check-up around the 8 month mark in her pregnancy with a little boy and the baby had no heartbeat.  Tonight, she is delivering that little boy.  Harrison is his name. 

Labor is called labor for a reason.  It's hard emotionally and physically.  But there is a reward or there is supposed to be a reward.  You get to hold and meet this wonderful little person you have nurtured for 10 months.  And best of all you get to take them home to a new world, new adventures, and a new chapter in your life.  My friend won't have that.  My heart aches for her and her husband. 

There is no explanation.  I've never understood things like childhood cancer (or any stage cancer for that matter), tragic deaths (and I've covered a lot of them), and inexplicable pain and sadness some people are forced to endure.  How can you explain losing a baby this far along?  What possible solace is there for them?  What possible comfort? 

Tonight as my heart aches for her, I am sending every prayer, every ounce of strength and courage I have to my friend.  She needs it right now. 

Heaven has a new angel tonight.

Hug your kids.

Count your blessings.

Sometimes there are no words.


Meggie said...

I am sorry Cor. It gives me chills. Makes you realize what a true miracle birth really is.

Aly said...

I don't know how she is surviving this Cor. I still well up with tears at the mere thought of what she's going through. Her strength is amazing.

I logged on to blog about it too, only to realize that 2 posts ago I wrote about the same thing happening to another friend. Hard to believe it could happen to one person, let alone several. Unfair doesn't even begin to cover it...

Here's one warm thing I heard through this situation. Did you know he was born on Ann's birthday? If God isn't still rocking him, you can bet Ann is.

kiss Cannon for me. I know Jack & Cha are getting tired of their overly-lovey mom.

Corey said...

I have to believe that there was a reason... that his life would have been too hard outside of the womb. I have to believe that the powers that be didn't want to take him from them at a young age... that it was better now... I don't know. I did realize it was Ann's birthday... yes, she is rocking him and singing to him and loving him as much as Jackie and Nate do.