Monday, November 9, 2009


This weekend we were supposed to head to Erie for some quality time with Dan's side of the family but plans changed on Thursday.  We were left with a weekend with (gasp!) no plans! 

Dan had a million things he wanted to get done around the house which is wonderful but difficult to do with a 1 year old climbing around with you.  So on Saturday morning Cannon and I got up early and headed to Indy.  Two of my closest friends (and their husbands) were doing what I consider to be 'the impossible'.

When I was 14 I had a spinal fusion to correct or partially correct my scoliosis.  It's a 14 hour surgery.  I remember my mom saying "Dr. Lenke runs marathons, that's why he can handle a 14 hour surgery, no sweat."

Back to Saturday.  Cannon and I camped out at the finish line to surprise my friend Michelle who tackled 13.1 miles in just over two hours (a. mazing.).  Then we headed over to mile marker 25 where soon Josh and Meggie would be nearing the end.  26.2 miles.  I can not even fathom.  What do you think about for that long?  The kind of mental drive, stamina, and determination it takes I just can't even wrap my head around. 

Josh qualified for the Boston marathon (running 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 8 minutes, what?!?!) and Megs met her goal and beat her personal best!  Wow.  What a wonderful thing it was to see my friends accomplish major goals.  I envy their drive and dedication the likes of which can easily be likened to a world class spine surgeon.

And the Best part?  Only they could look this good after 26.2 miles.  :)


Meggie said...

awww...thank you! it was the best surprise ever to see you and I loved you and Cannon being there. Thanks, Cannon, for sharing your snacks too!!!
Love you!

Aly said...

So cool that you got to be there Cor! It's what makes you a great friend!