Friday, October 23, 2009

Today I am 'that' mom....

102 degree fever for three hours last night.  Not me.  Cannon.  We rocked, we willed the fever away, we snuggled.  We are exhausted.  This morning, he's fine.  Running around, talking, eating.  All is well.

The fever was 10 hours ago.  I am taking him to school and I am going to work.  Against my better judgement.  Sometimes it's just as important to 'show up'.  So today, I am 'showing up'.  Hoping daycare doesn't call and tell me to come get a sick little boy.  Afterall, it's been a good two weeks since he was sick.  Cheers to 'that time of year' and being 'that mom' who occassionally breaks the rules so that she can 'show up'.

The Best part?  I get credit for 'showing up' even if I get the 'come get him' phone call.

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