Friday, October 23, 2009

To Laugh... or To Cry....

Why does it have to be a saga? 

I wish more than anything that a month ago I had written the final post with pictures of our beautiful finished basement.  I wish it was decorated and I wish there were Little People all over the floor.  I wish there was evidence that Cannon was loving every second of our new family room.

I wish.

Today.  Phone call from the contractor's head guy.  Plumbers were there to install the sink and toilet.  They shut the water off.  They hooked everything up.  They turned the water back on.  Shit.  One of the pipes BEHIND the drywall that was installed by the OLD contractor wasn't sodered.  Drywall in the bathroom has to be replaced.

Sometimes I struggle to find a 'Best part'. 

The Best part?  It could be worse... the water could have ruined the new carpet.


CaSandra said...


I swear that we have the SAME luck... or no luck at all!

On the bright side, at least you don't have to do all the clean up and repairs :)

Corey said...

...but I have to pay for the clean up and repairs...
I'm in a dark place when it comes to the basement... can you tell? :)