Sunday, October 18, 2009

So close...

Have kept mum on the topic of the basement of late... didn't want to jinx it. 

We are so close.

Here's a look at the progress and yes, that's PAINT on the walls.

The blue in the bathroom is darker than the sample but I still like it!  The floors will be small white tile with your standard pedastal sink and toilet.  It's roughed for a shower but we're not putting one in.

Carpet on Tuesday.  So close... hopefully Cannon and I will come back from our quick trip to STL to a finished playroom!  Then we can finally give him his birthday present too!

The Best part?  It's so much sweeter now, since we've waited so long.

Oh, and it's finally fall on the outside of our house... yay!  Only thing missing are mums... but since I can't keep them alive... we're not getting any this year :)

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