Friday, October 30, 2009

On the move...

It's inevitable.  It will happen.  Not next month, maybe not even next year.  But eventually we will leave Greater Cincinnati for bigger pastures or brighter horizons or falling prices.  The big box retailer that pays our bills, challenges Dan, and allows us to live the life we live will eventually decide there's something more for him and for us.  We will embrace the next move, the next challenge, the next city because that's what we do.  To have been somewhere for four years is a treat.  We're spoiled.  We have great friends, great neighbors and a great life here. 

All good things come to an end. 

I am a midwest girl.  From the midwest, educated in the midwest, moved my career around the midwest.  I like it here.  I like the people, the weather, the attitude.  I like that a lot of my closest friends are within driving distance (although I don't see any of them nearly enough) and I like that we're equidistanst from our families.  I would prefer to stay in the midwest. 

Not sure that's gonna happen.  And that's ok.  I would go with Dan and Cannon (and Tucker of course) to the ends of the earth.  As long as we're together, we'll be fine.

My parents decided to move my brother and I from Tampa to St. Louis when I was 9.  My Dad was the first child in his family to leave the state of Florida and (gasp!) for the midwest!  What on earth were they thinking.  They never looked back (except during a few select ice storms in the 90's).

On the other side of the spectrum, Dan's family.  His parents bought the house they currently live in when they got married.  They won't ever move.  And that's fine.  But that lifestyle is as foreign to us as ours is to them.  Since we've been married we've lived in 5 different cities, had 5 apartments and one house.  Thats in four years of marriage.  Imagine what it will be in another 25 years.

Sure, I'd like to settle somewhere 'forever'.  But right now, we're up for a new adventure, a new challenge, and new excitement if that's what the cards have in store for us.  Until then we will trick or treat in our wonderful neighborhood, spend time with our great friends, and enjoy the arrival of the holiday season. 

I will also make an effort to get to see those friends who are just mere hours away, just in case we bid adieu to the midwest in the coming months or years.

The Best part?  Either way, life is good.


Meggie said...

so what inspired this post? Any potential reasons you guys are thinking or just pondering the future in general?
Don't move too far!

Aly said...

Can Meggie & I put in a bid for Indy??