Sunday, October 4, 2009

Martha Wannabe

So Dan went with his brother to a Penn State football game in Illinois this weekend and then took off today for the week for business (never fear, he's in FL and we're going to meet him on Thursday!). 

So I did the things any normal wife would do.  I switched my closet from summer to fall, including bins for my sweaters instead of throwing them on the shelves (we'll see how long that lasts).  I cleaned the kitchen floor only to have the construction crew walk across it not 20 minutes after I finished.  I of course took care of and played with Cannon (who has some monster teeth coming in and spent 95% of his day fussing) which included a trip to the zoo and a dinner of only ketchup (is that a foodgroup?).

 And I glittered pumpkins.

I saw Martha do it.  Why can't I?  Well I tried.  I'm actually pleased (although the more I look at martha's... the more I hate mine...).  It's something different for the dining room table (which we've eaten at 4 times since we bought our house 3+ years ago) for the season.  They're glittered.  Martha's look like this:

She recommends using penny, persimmon, orange, and pink champagne colored glitter.  Right.  I don't know where you all live but where I live (a major metropolitan city mind you) glitter comes in red, silver, blue, green, and gold.  I chose red.  Mine look like this:

Take that Martha.

The Best part?  Thursday is only four nights away :)

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