Friday, October 2, 2009

Drumroll please....

I would consider myself an ametuer couponer.  I usually forget to buy a newspaper on Sundays.  When I do buy one and actually sit down to cut and file the coupons, I forget to bring them when I go to the store.  And if they actually get to the store with me the fact that Cannon is throwing goldfish on the ground or trying to contort his body to grab something out of the cart usually distracts me from purchasing things I have coupons for and thus I come home having spent more than I needed to.

However, once every couple months a local grocery store does TRIPLE coupons.  That's right, TRIPLE.  This is where the competitor in me comes out.  They triple coupons up to fifty cents and double them up to a dollar.  Enter my dollar off coupons.  How can you argue with TWO dollars off of a $2.50 box of Wheat Thins?

So today, armed with coupons and mentally prepared to buy nothing I don't have a coupon for, I went in.  This requires great focus and determination because there are experienced couponers, professional ones who have been planning for this weekend for months.  They're the ones with the binders and dividers and categorized lists.  They have fanny packs with backup coupons and some even wear hydration systems.  They use walkie talkies to communicate with their couponing friends.  They spend hours preparing for this moment.  And I get the thrill.  I do.  The difference is I can only do it like once a quarter, they do it once a week. 

Apparently I wasn't the only one who was aware of the "Triple Coupon Event" and the longest part of the shopping trip was the LINES.  Insane.  (forgive the cell phone pics)

But, after forging my way through the lines it was well worth the wait.

Drumroll please.

Before coupons I spent 116.29.  After coupons I spent 69.96.  That's a savings of 58.43.  Impressed?  I am.  I also got .14 off a gallon of gas for up to 20 gallons.  So, here's to being one of those crazy couponers for a day.  Well worth jumping on that band wagon every once in a while.

The Best part?  We'll probably spend the money I saved today at dinner tonight.  Oh well. :)


Carey said...

Join the grocery game and those savings are just peanuts! You've got connections :) Way to go!

Corey said...

believe it or not, I have a FREE gg membership... I clearly don't use it enough :) baby colin is ADORABLE :) hope everyone is adjusting well!