Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beach or Mountains?

Beach.  Always Beach.

Don't get me wrong, I love the mountains and I love skiing but there is something about the sand in between your toes and the smell of ocean in the air that I love.  We snuck away to meet Dan for a quick couple night stay in Ft. Lauderdale (he was there for work) and had a blast. 

Cannon LOVED the beach a lot more than he did when we were in Vero Beach this summer cause now he can walk and play in the sand.  He loved it.

We drank beer, ate at seafood dives (Southport Raw Bar in Ft. Lauderdale is wonderful), and relaxed.  It was perfect. 

A wonderful beach fix until Christmas (when we'll escape for a whole week to Captiva Island with my family for the holiday). 

Or, until we hit the lottery and buy this...

Now we're back to fall weather and leaves changing which I would miss if I lived at the beach.

The Best part?  Even got a little tan... :)

What about you?  Beach or Mountains?

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