Monday, October 5, 2009

Bad Sorority Girl?

Much to the disappointment of my husband and any other random male followers I may not know about (cause goodness knows I write about things that affect men, ALL THE TIME) this post is not about naked pillow fights or circling the fat.

There is a Pi Phi (Pi Beta Phi) chapter opening at a local university and they've asked me to volunteer several times.  Because of work and other things that occupy my time I haven't been able to help out yet (although they did not ask me to lead the rush cheers which I would have happily jumped right back into... I am a P!).  The latest request is that I act as an "SOS" which stands for Slightly Older Sister. 

"SOS"?  Really?  Does the word 'older' have to be included?  Anyway...

The committment is minimal I guess.  Write a few emails, go to a few functions (one of which is ice skating, really? are we 14?), buy a few presents (to which the emails says, remember how much you got when you pledged?  yes! I do! And I also remember how much I bought my little sis the next year... so no guilt trip there please), and welcome the young woman into the sorority.  I am fine with all of this.  In fact, I think it would be fun to share my experience and also tell the pledge (which the email dutifully informs me are now called 'new members') about the wonderful friends I made for life.


What 18 year old college freshman wants to hang out with a nearly (not that nearly, still more than a year away) 30 year old mom?  I mean I am fun.  Don't get me wrong.  But my current idea of fun (wine around a dinner table) and my old idea of fun (shots around a coffee table made of beer cans, games of flippy cup in a fraternity dining room so dirty your shoes stick to the floor, or kareoke, dancing, and drinks at a bar where some people are referred to as 'townies') are very different.  I have trouble wrapping my mind around wanting to hang out with someone my age when I was a freshman. 

Plus, a lot of our behavior was questionable at best.  To quote a sister... "90% of the time we participated in suspect behavior, and the other 10% we were sleeping so...."
The Best part? SOS is better than MOS (Much Older Sister).

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