Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Weekend in Review...

They came. They left.

I am absolutely exhausted.

Most people I know probably don't consider four hours at work on a Sunday night (before a holiday) a break but this is a break. A major break. For the last four days I have done nothing but cook, clean, cook for, clean up after, and entertain. I am done. Done. Done. Done.

Here's the rundown. My inlaws (MIL, FIL, and SIL) drove into town on Friday from PA. Saturday we took the duck tour which was actually very entertaining. It's an open air old WWII vehicle that drives on the road and 'swims' in the river all the while some very entertaining burnouts gave us facts and figures about the Queen City. You never take a tour of your home city so we enjoyed it, plus it was a gorgeous day to be on the river (even though the Ohio is disgusting).

Last night we celebrated Cannon's first birthday. I did not make it through Happy Birthday. I cried, pretty hard actually. In an effort to not smear my makeup before I anchor tonight, I will not go into details but I promise many sappy posts this week (yay!).

Today was pretty low key. Just had dinner at a local Italian dive (where they filmed part of the movie Rain Man) and now, I'm at work. A much needed respite.

The guests leave tomorrow (whew) and the weekend has been relatively drama free. The inlaws and I have a sordid past and their trips in are always extremely stressful for me. I will leave you with a little tidbit. We invited them for Thanksgiving hoping we could also celebrate Christmas with them over the Thanksgiving holiday (cause we'll be in FL for Christmas) and my MIL's repsonse was "Hmph". Probably not a noise you recognize unless you think about what your reaction would be if your friend told you the color of mortar on the bricks of their house was charcoal, not gray. Or if someone told you that the sun will rise at 7:32 tomorrow and not 7:31. So.... anyway...

The Best part? I have the week off and our little boy turns 1 on Tuesday!!!

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