Friday, September 4, 2009

They say it's your birthday...

This post will no doubt next week be followed by sappy memories of going into labor and the misery that ensued and then the miracle that made every single second worth it. I will probably not spare you the gory details so prepare yourselves now. You can't help but look back when a year has flown by as fast as it has. But until then, a look at Cannon's birthday invitation (the scanner went a little haywire on the shade of green but you get the point). Of course, the white part at the bottom wasn't part of the gig but they say something about 'sharing personal info on the internet' so I chose to conceal. :)

The Best part? The Best is yet to come :) Oh, and the basement guys decided they want to get paid today so they showed up before 10 for the first time in 2 weeks. Interesting.

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