Sunday, September 27, 2009

Michael Phelps, I am not.

I did it.  This weekend I got back in the water.

For the better part of a decade when I was growing up I swam.  I was a swimmer.  In fact, when I turned 16 the license plate on my 1988 Isuzu Trooper said "SWMR" (yes, very cool, I know).  I'd get up at 5, go to practice, go to school, and go back to practice.  I constantly smelled like chlorine and sometimes my hair even turned green.  I was ok.  I wasn't great, never won any big championships (my Dad and brother are amazing swimmers) but I loved it and I worked pretty hard. 

When I transfered to DePauw halfway through my freshman year of college I joined the swim team.  That was short lived.  Very short lived.  I decided I enjoyed drinking and partying much more than swimming for four hours a day.  So 10 years ago I quit.  I did not miss it for one single second, until like a month ago.

So I'm gym shopping and testing a local gym with a pool.  I got a new suit (swimming laps in my tankini is not an option), some goggles and a cap.  I emailed my old coach, asked him for advice on how to get started again and yesterday I did it. I swam laps.  And what's better... I loved it.  I went back this morning and swam some more.  It feels really good. 

I forgot what a great workout it is.  For some reason when I'm swimming I forget that I'm working out.  Maybe it's cause I'm not sweating or maybe I'm concentrating too hard on how far I've gone or what intervals I should try and swim on.  Whatever the reason, it was great.

So, here's to swimming, to swimmers, and to rediscovering an old passion.

The Best part?  After 6 of us somehow consumed 9 bottles of wine last night... a morning workout was a must.


Aly said...

I am in awe of your ability to workout after a 9-bottle-night! Good for you!!!

Corey said...

here's my justification... there were six of us... and it was over 5 hours... so if you can safely have a glass of wine an hour... then that's five glasses... which is more than a bottle... like tha rationale?